EPSON Driver Hack

Louis Solomon / SteelBytes

What is this? As many users of late model Epson printers such as the C88, R220, R230, etc have noticed, the well known method of configuring Epson's windows drivers to work with ICC files (goto advanced, select ICM, and tick 'off (no color adjustment)') which worked fine with older printers like the R800, doesn't work any more :-(

Feeling annoyed with this, I took a closer look, and found that calling GetDeviceCaps(printerdc,COLORMGMTCAPS) on the new not working drivers (eg R230) is returning CM_DEVICE_ICM, but not on the old working drivers (eg R800).

So I wrote a program that patches the DrvEnablePDEV function in Epson drivers to not set that flag, and all seems to work :-)


PS. If it does or doesn't work for you with an Epson driver not mentioned above, please contact me